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Here are some testimonials from my old free swing signals. I can assure you the paid ones are much better.

Hello Cindy,
Just want to say thank you again for your signals!!  Made hundreds of pips so far just following you.  Wish you all the best to you and your loved ones!!  I am so lucky to find your site and am telling my friend about you.  Thanks for you new signal on the EUR/USD.  Your email is one of those I really look forward to : )  Wish you know how much you have helped me!
Thanks again and God Bless you!

Dear Cindy,
I have been following your signals for well over a year now and find them impeccable! How you do it I just don't know! Having saved money since leaving school, my first trading year was a disaster, I lost it all! It is 2 years since then and I'm still learning day by day! Anyway, thanks once again and if you could at all give me a clue as to how you learnt to trade it would be greatly appreicated as I don't want to be reliant on yourself for too long!!
Kindest regards
Gareth W

thanks Cindy.... i appreciate you sharing your time along with your signals..... I been with you since the begining of the year and i have been up from your signals..... i donate some money to a non profit so this is very nice of you to help others because I am learning in the process and hope to venture out more on my own trades more often now......... John J B

Firstly, I think your trades rock!  That's me putting it without verbalization and profanity.  God bless you for you and your signals.  This would be the only ever losing signal for you and like you said, everyone loses sometime.  If someone has a problem with that they are in the wrong business!  You keep up the good work and I'm very glad you made me a part of your trading experience.  Mad props to you Cindy! In my book, your awesome and if some people can't understand the notion of being generous and prosperous I honestly don't know what to tell them......good luck with life I guess? You may post this comment and edit anything out you would like and I would not be offended in any way shape or form.  I have your back!  Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy, real quick. Thank you for your swing signals. I truly appreciate them. I have turned a $3k account into nearly $7k in just less than 4 months on your signals (and aggressive money mgmt). Thank you for a wonderful free service. Stacy Orlando, FL

Dear, Cindy:
I know you are real busy to read this e-mail. But, if you do just know that is sent with a lot of good intentions and thoughts toward you.
I would like to take this time to thank you for all your help in making me a better forex trader. I have subscribed to your "alerts" since late February,2008. At first, I was using demo account trades when you sent the alerts. Now, I have dipped in the water and have taken the EUR/USD and CAD/USD trades over the past 30 days with real money. If you don't send me an e-mail stating you exited the trade, what I do is give myself moderate profit targets of say 50 pips, then look to re-enter when the prices are much higher or lower than you had orginally entered.
Both trades have made money for me in the amount of 400 dollars in total. When I think about how much I have spent over the past four years on courses, seminars and alert services, this is most profitable return on my money I have ever received. The fact that you do this out of the goodness of your heart, makes me feel guilty. I would just wanted to say thanks for helping me out. I hope that all the persons that subscribe to your website will give you the same positive feedback.
Have a blessed day
Joseph M

Thanks, Cindy keep up the awesome swing trading signals!!!!!!!! Peter in Calgary

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your signals. I lost alot of money
and time trading every day. Your signals allow me to make alot of money and
relax and have time for my family.
Thanks alot!
Brian S
Subscriber for two years

Hi Cindy: I just want to thank you for all the help that you have given to me . You are the best I did really well on your day trading advice. Thank you again.   
Regards:     Bill M

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for your great free service.
You are absolutely right and I can live without the day trade. Take Care and once again, thank You.

Hi Cindy Your service is fantastic, besides, anyone who follows blindly is foolish. Not that there is anything wrong with your signals, but one should at least do a little homework and try to understand why you are making the calls you are? Thanks for a great service, it is a welcome addition to my trading. :-) Cheers Wayne

Hi, I am trying to see a pattern in how you pick you swing trades. I can't. They are so good I have decided there's magic involved. :) Thank you so much though! P.S I jumped off USDCAD on July, 22. Sorry for not waiting! :) Christian D

Hi Cindy, I appreciate all your efforts and honesty. I also give Craig Harris 5 stars. We have been friends for years and have similar trading styles. Best Regards, Tim B

Hi Cindy, I have being a subscriber since December '07, and DEMO traded your signals up until June this year. I actually am trading on a little smaller margin on both trades, my Dad was always telling me (learn to walk before you learn to run). I have held onto both trades, as you stated on your original signal that USD/CAD could go against us a few hundred pips, and I was glad to recieve your update today, saying sit tight. Your signals have being extremely acurate since I started to follow them, much more acurate than I was myself all through 2007. Your signals and website(broker/signal company reviews) have being a huge help to me as a "newbie" who was about to give-up, when I stumbled onto your site. I hope you keep providing this service, and dont lose interest with being blamed for the market turning against us. So from the centre of the "Peat Bog" in Ireland, keep up the good work. Regards Shane.

Cindy, I went back and checked all the signals you gave me in the past and only one was a bad one when exiting on my own terms 100+ pips each!!! Great work!!! ~ Bruce

Dear Cindy,
I am still in both trades too. As I believe that USD is overbought too. It should be anytime soon the turn around. Anyway as you said it is only a fraction of the total equity so its ok. I hope to see you day trading advice soon as I am earned quite a bit from your earlier advices and thus i believe in you.

Hi Cindy,
Just want to let you know that I have recently took the course with Craig at  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" and the 2 days live training is excellent.  He does not overwhelm me with information.  By following his technique, I was able to make profit day one.  I'm on my third week right now and I'm consistently making profits on my demo account.  You are right to have his course as number 5 rating on your website.
Thanks, Andy

Hi Cindy,

just wanted to drop a feedback, after watching you for some time now. I am now trading pretty successfully - on a demo account ;). But I believe I can switch now, let's see. You were an inspiration for me and I want to thank you for that. Should you share something for daytrading, I will be one avid reader.

Thanks again & keep up the good work


Dear Cindy, thank you ever so much for your signals. I have been following them now for 2 years and I'm finally in profit following your signals! Anyway if you were ever to release day trading signalsI would ecstatic! Kindest regards Gareth

Cindy; I have been following your trades now for about eight months. (On paper). I have to say I'm impressed with your results. Sure there are some losers but no system is perfect. What you are doing is very impressive. These results have provided me with the confidence to open an account with real money. Which leads me to a question I have on "Account size". On July 25, 2008 in your E-mail you said we should trade 3% or 3 mini lots if you are trading in a 10K account & I assume then you would trade 3 STD lots if you were trading W/ a 100 K account. I hope you will answer the following question for me since it is not a trading question, but rather a money management question. My question is this. What leverage would you recommend for a new trader to use starting out with a mini account ?

tks cindy for the good work i apreciated it later on bibi jacques from lugano Switzerland

Cindy,   I know due to the nature of what you do that you probably get a bunch of people cursing you out when you lose, but people need to understand that they must follow exactly what you say and if they don't they are "entering at their own risk" and one trade or even 10 trades doesn't determine whether or not you're successful in this field.   Don't get discouraged feeling like the information you disseminate isn't valued as it really is to those who understand the nature of this beast.    And don't feel you need to explain yourself if a trade happens to go against you and your followers are upset.   A simple disclaimer in each of your emails perfectly states the risks involved and guidelines for success.   I appreciate your service and heck its free!   Thanks again!

I doubt you are reading this but if you are:  The world could use more unbias helpfull, straight forward people like you.  Thank you for the public forex service you offer.  You are very generous.   Nathan

Cindy, I have received your e-mails from more than a year now and to be honest I am still not confortable starting my trading however PLEASE don't let any A.H. out there discurage you from what are you doing fact you are helping single mothers like me or single women out there get their independence by learning how to trade FOREX.   THANK GOOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU!   Silvia   Toronto, Ontario

I don't expect an answer to this, but i think it is truly amazing that you are doing this. I have followed your signals on and off on a practice account, and an blown away that you are really here to help people.
Thank you for existing!
i hope this email doesn't aggrivate you as you prbably receive quite a few per day!
all the best!

Cindy, I reviewed your site and was very happy to find something that was a little more realistic than anything that I've seen to date. I've been trading forex for 2 years. I purchased 4x made easy. Worst investment made. Lost money and they are very unresponsive. They also kept charging me for signals after sending them an email and calling them to cancel. They also refused to refund my money and continue to deceive people with their hype. The product simply doesn't work because it uses lagging indicators. I've probably spent close to $8,000 in training products and/or signal services with minimal success. I've had success just trading on technical analysis and have learned to not use stop losses after being stopped out of the market before my trades ultimately went in my direction many times. I've learned to rely on retracements to get out of the market with reduced losses when the market goes against me. I've learned to not be one of those emotional investors and have really come to understand the psychology of investing in the forex markets. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to receiving your signals. Don

Hi Cindy As you know I am a beginner of Forex but I want to know that your swing signals are wonderful ! It is a great pleasure to have meet your site. Thank you very much for your kind help and my best wishes for your life and your work!
Fabrizio P

If you are brand new to my site please demo trade my signals until you are comfortable and remember nothing I give is investment advice, just my opinion. Read the CFTC disclosure rules for details: Trading commodity futures, options and forex is not for everyone. It is a volatile, complex, and risky business. Before you invest any money in futures or options contracts, you should: Consider your financial experience, goals, and financial resources and know how much you can afford to lose above and beyond your initial payment. Understand commodity futures and option contracts and your obligations in entering into those contracts. Understand your exposure to risk and other aspects of trading by thoroughly reviewing the risk disclosure documents your broker is required to give you. Know who to contact if you have a problem or question. Know that you are dumb if you trade money that is meant to feed the kids at home. Just checking if you are still reading. For more details go to:

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